cattery v cat sitter v neighbour when you go on holiday ?

Whilst a cattery may not be home, leaving your cat to be fed by a cat sitter or a neighbour can be stressful for the individual and cat. Some cats wonder where their owner has gone and may start to wander further away from home looking for them. The cat may worry who this new person is and who is coming to leave food for them. They may also get locked in or out of the house, get sick or into a fight with another cat. Whilst a cattery is not their usual home, it can be their second best home, it can be familiar and friendly. It is secure and gives round the clock care to your cat incase of illness, stress or loneliness. We at Oakworth cattery can remove the stress and worry that the neighbour or cat sitter can’t find your cat or get close to it to check its health, check its been eating and drinking properly and using the toilet normally. We can update our owners with emails and pictures whilst they are away and you can be sure your cat is here safe, has been well looked after, entertained and ready for you to collect when you return.