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 Oakworth Cattery

“This Place is fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work, keep it up as Dolly loves her holidays with you”

Review by Lyn Smith.

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Oakworth Boarding Cattery
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 9 reviews
byTony Scott onOakworth Boarding Cattery
Brilliant cattery!

We have 4 cats, and we have been bringing them to Maxine's cattery for many years now. Prior to this, we have seen and experienced other catteries in the area, but none of them come any where near the quality and standards of care provided at Oakworth Cattery. Maxine is caring, knowledgeable and professional, and when we leave our cats in her care, we know they will always receive the best of care. One example that springs to mind is when one of our cats (Chess) was poorly while we were away - Maxine telephoned us immediately, and kindly took Chess to her local vet's for immediate treatment since we were too far away to do this ourselves. What service! You won't find a better cattery in the area, and we have no hesitation recommending Maxine's cattery at all.

byMcdonald onOakworth Boarding Cattery
Happy Cats!!

Thank you! Bella, Molly & Kat are home & happy after another stay! They had stayed in other pet boarding & it took me months of making up to them but now they always come home happy

We always know they are great hands in beautiful surroundings-outstanding accomodation-won't go anywhere else!

Thank you again x

Thank you Xeta Your cats are a pleasure to look after

bySusan Dickinson onOakworth Boarding Cattery
Fantastic - would not go anywhere else !

Lola has been several times now for her holidays and Maxine is fantastic with her. I had used another local cattery before and used Maxines when they were full and never looked back. Maxine's is more personal and she truly loves her job. Lola always comes back happy , never stressed . I love the way I can see pictures of Lola on Facebook while I am away . The luxury pens are fantastic but so are the standard , the best I have seen and the views to keep your cat happy is stunning. I would not go anywhere else. If you want a personal touch where you know your cat is safe, warm, happy and talked to this is the place. Maxine looks after them as she does her own . The other plus too is no dogs which can stress cats with their barking. Highly recommended. Just a perfect little hotel for our feline family.

byJo and Lucy onOakworth Boarding Cattery
Purrfect place for Cats

Our cat Alfie has been staying at Oakworth Cattery regularly for over 5 years and we would not put her any where else. Maxime makes you feel so comfortable and learns about your cat so much I think sometimes Alfie would prefer to stay. I think what we really like is the personal way we are treated from being met half way in the snow to pass her over to knowing she will be brushed and pictures sent so we know she is ok. Highly recommend this Cattery.

byCressida Ford onOakworth Boarding Cattery
Wouldn't take him anywhere else!

Copied from my Yelp review and as true as ever..!


My impression of catteries with our previous cats was never a good one: long cold corridors housing glass-fronted cells, the inmates veering between listless dejection and frantic beseeching, one or two ersatz mice on the hard floor, the result of a desultory attempt at play.

Maxime's cattery is an entirely different kettle of steamed fish terrine. My cat actually gets EXCITED when he realises where we are. He perks up from his default "car journey" state (self-pitying immobility in the footwell) and starts to put his paws against the windows, purring and eager to hop out. He trots excitedly towards his chalet; I only follow behind, holding the lead on his harness. There is no reluctance or fear here.

Oakwork Breeding & Boarding Cattery sits on a hill in the middle of pretty much nowhere, overlooking some simply stunning views. The wooden chalets contain a litter tray, food dishes, heated mat and an overhead heat lamp. The heated mat is on a conveniently raised shelf (cats love being high up) next to a window, which looks out into the little yard that adjoins each chalet, open to the fresh Yorkshire air but kept dry by an overhead covering. The barn door to the chalet houses a cat-flap so that your little one can go out into his or her personal yard area at leisure. There's privacy in the chalets, but the yards are separated with fine wire mesh, meaning that cats can communicate with their neighbours if they wish.

Unlike many places, which are dog kennels that also run a sideline in cat boarding, it's a cat-only environment. There's boarding for small animals out in the garage, but for the cats, there are no unfamiliar noises or frightening smells. You're welcome (in fact encouraged) to bring along toys and blankets and all sorts of familiar things for the resident in question, but if you're not able to, or kitty seems to be a little bored, Maxime will bring some out to add to the mix.

There's a simple reason that Guybrush (that's his name, deal with it) loves Maxime, and it's this: Maxime loves him. She just loves cats. She gets to know and understand her charges, and can comment on Brushy's behaviour when I pick him up - things that only someone who has spent time with him would observe. He's a semi-longhaired cat, a Ragdoll, so she even devotes time to giving him a bit of brushing during their regular play and affection time, just like when he's at home with me.

Meals are twice a day, and if you let her know in advance the exact food your cat likes, she will make sure she has it in. Pick-up and drop-off slots, likewise, are twice a day, which is really convenient. The standard cost is £8 per day or part-day, including the days of drop-off and collection, which is just the most incredible value for the standard of care and accommodation Maxime provides.

And how about this. The first time I had to put Guybrush into boarding, barely more than a kitten, I was understandably fretful. Maxime took my phone number and texted me updates on his behaviour and even a photograph of him sitting out in the sunshine. The peace of mind I've always had from bringing Brushy here is unparalleled.

byTrish Cleeve onOakworth Boarding Cattery
What a lovely cattery

We have just picked up our two cats from Oakworth Cattery. When we went through to the pen they were snuggled up on heated pads looking happy, warm and cosy. We can't thank the staff enough for looking after our babies, we are really pleased to have found this place and have nothing but praise for such an obviously well run establishment and it is spotlessly clean.

Maxime is lovely person who knows about cats and does everything she can to make their stay happy. We are very impressed but most of all we have peace of mind knowing they are going to be looked after.

byDianne onOakworth Boarding Cattery
Cats and kitten

My 2 cats stayed here for a short stay, they had stayed somewhere else before but had come home unwell

They came home from her full of life and healthy and I was very pleased.

My 2 cats with their new brother kitten stayed for a longer stay, I got a photo and a n update and they again came home well

I would recommend this boarding cattery and the level of hygiene was excellent.

byLennon, Trixy and Millie onOakworth Boarding Cattery
Very happy Kitties

My 3 cats have not stayed in a cattery before so I was a little apprehensive, After picking them up today I didn't need to worry. When I dropped them off they were made to feel at home straight away, and I could see how happy they had been for the week as soon as I picked them up. Maxime took on board their needs and tailored as appropriate. They were well behaved which to me says they were treated with love and care whilst being away from home. They settled back in quickly once I brought them home too. They had there own space to run around in and it's clear to see that it is a well run cattery. They are booked in for 2 further stays and I am extremely pleased I have found a cattery that I can trust and my fury babies felt at home! I would recommend this cattery to any one. It is also very reasonably priced. Xxx

byBrenda Hughes onOakworth Boarding Cattery
Biscuit & Jasper

we have taken our persians to be groomed with maxime. she does a wonderful job. my biscuit coloured persian gets very knotty but comes back to us knot free. we may leave our persians to be boarded this year as my daughter has broken her arm, and cant see it being out of plaster before we go. they couldn,t be better looked after with heated pens which are so clean and comfortable.